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As the leading letting agent in Central Bristol, Let’s Rent is excited to offer our Guaranteed Rent service for Landlords in areas including Fishponds, St Werburghs, St Pauls, Eastville, and Bristol City Centre.

When you use our Guaranteed Rent scheme, Let’s Rent take on all the financial risks of your let and invest in up to 15k improving your property to make it the best rental option it can be. We practically become your tenants, providing you with a fixed, reliable monthly income which reflects the potential of your property over a fixed period

In return, we rent the property out to trustworthy tenants ourselves, managing all the associated legal matters and maintenance.

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What is Guaranteed Rent?

Guaranteed Rent is a service provided by letting agents like Let’s Rent, which takes the risk out of renting out a property. It means that the landlord receives a fixed monthly income, regardless of whether the property is vacant or the tenant is unable to pay. Essentially, the letting agent becomes the tenant and takes on the responsibility of paying the rent.

Although the same name is sometimes used, this is different than the insurance backed rent guarantee (also known as Rent Protection Insurance). We do not provide an insurance policy where individual claims must be made, but supply continuous payments even if the property is empty for multiple months. Our contracts also do not expire as individual tenants leave but cover at least 12 months.

Read our full terms of Service for more information

With Guaranteed Rent, landlords can enjoy the peace of mind that comes with a steady income stream, without having to worry about the day-to-day management of the property. 

Are rent guarantee schemes worth it?

This service is particularly useful for landlords who may have difficulty finding reliable tenants or managing their properties from a distance. 

We have also found that the service is helpful for those who do not have the disposable income to turn their property into a viable rent option themselves. 

Many of our clients find themselves in ownership of houses or flats in a poorly maintained state, perhaps through inheritance or after an elderly resident has moved on to other accommodation. 

Without prior experience and a significant budget, it can be a challenge to turn a property into a safe let which follows government legislation, and you may not be ready to sell yet. If this is the case, a Guaranteed Rent setup can prevent the property from becoming a drain on your finances.

Is Guaranteed Rent Worth It?

The answer to whether Guaranteed Rent is worth it for landlords depends on their individual circumstances. Here are some of the advantages to consider:

  1. Guaranteed Income: The main benefit of Guaranteed Rent is the fixed income it provides, which can be particularly appealing to landlords who rely on rental income to pay their own bills.
  2. No Void Periods: Landlords don’t have to worry about void periods where there is no rental income. The letting agent becomes the tenant and pays the rent, even if the property is vacant.
  3. No Tenant Hassles: Landlords opting for this service don’t have to deal with the day-to-day management of the property. The letting agent takes on the responsibility of finding tenants, collecting rent, and handling maintenance issues.
  4. Financial Security: Guaranteed Rent can provide landlords with financial security, as they don’t have to worry about unexpected expenses or losing rental income due to tenant issues.

At Let’s Rent, we work with landlords to find the best solution for their needs. We offer a range of services to help landlords manage their properties and maximize their rental income. Contact us today to find out more about our services.

Do I Lose Control of my Property with Guaranteed Rent?

This is a common concern, but the contract for this service isn’t so different from our other Full Management Service, except that we may make more extensive repairs and improvements than we normally would with properties if the specific house or flat requires it.

Contracts for Guaranteed Rent may be longer than other services, generally at least three years, but when the agreed time comes to an end you continue to hold full ownership of your property and may sell it, make your own changes, or move to a different letting service if you choose to.

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27th March 2024
Judith Cameron said:
Dealing with Adil, Usman and their team is always a pleasure and we're delighted to see Lets Rent grow from strength to strength.
15th January 2024
BRACE duo said:
It was a pleasure to liaise with Usman at Lets Rent and to have my party wall fence secured by your maintenance service. He was quick, polite and efficient in dealing with my request .
29th November 2023
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Very good Lettings company and polite friendly service on the telephone. I would recommend checking out Let’s Rent before other property agents.
21st February 2023
Jacqueline Graham said:
Re: Usman Ayub – Lets Rent Letting & Management Prior to meeting Usman, the experience in trying to rent property in Bristol for over 6 months was demoralising. A Let's Rent representative (Seb) contacted me by phone to say they'd managed to alter a few appointments for the viewing & I would be me by Usman. He was punctual & informative throughout prior to our entrance to the building. He informed me of the layout, security & access which therefore covered all the H&S criteria in case there was an issue. Once the viewing was over, Usman assured me that he will send over the documents via email for me to complete, which was actioned without delay. Throughout the legal itinerary & required information, he kept me informed which enabled me to clear up some issues the automated system rejected unbeknownst to me. Usman is a valid member of the team and the functionality of this business benefits with him as a valid member.
12th September 2022
Sam Price said:
Seb's been a great help throughout our tenancy with lets rent. He's managed to keep us informed and up to date on our ongoing maintenance during the year. He's very professional and undoubtedly will have a great future career.
7th September 2022
Sue Gunning said:
Brilliant!! Stress free, will go lets rent everytime,very polite and kept us informed off every veiwing and smoothly it all went.
31st August 2022
Michael Maxwell said:
Really genuine and nice employees. They have been great in communicating with all requests promptly and ensuring we get a great service.
31st August 2022
Richard Lewis said:
Thank you for all your efforts over the years! it cannot be understated how important your support has been to making this bearable!
31st August 2022
Tom leng said:
Adil and the team are fantastic. Professional and personable and always available. You couldn't ask for much more, I've recommended to friends and family.